About Us

Kalahari Health care

Kalahari Healthcare will strive to be the best in terms of being a cost-efficient provider of high-quality medical and health related services, equipment and consumables.

Who We Are

kalahari Healthcare(Pvt) Limited was incorporated in 2013 and it focuses on provision of medical products and services to Southern Africa’s populace. The company supplies various and numerous health services and products within the spectrum of medical specialities .kalahari Healthcare ambition is to be the healthcare products and services provider that best fulfils the demands of the patients, public healthcare, companies and organisations. Hence the company focuses on high quality and effective care services. We have distribution channels of high quality affordable Medical equipment and consumables with backward and forward linkages.

Instead of traditional approach, Kalahari Healthcare has chosen to collaborate with public healthcare. Our Customers include municipalities, businesses as well as public and private insurance companies that purchase healthcare products and services.